MASQ is..

MASQ is the "Neo Masquerade" on the IT world.

SNS is highly developed in modern times. Thanks to that, we seem to be connected with people all over the world.

But, as Facebook does, we can no longer be friends with people without title.

We are too concerned about the social status and title of the others !

MASQ creates a new way of meeting people in the IT world.

Meaningful encounters that are more free, flexible and full of fun will enrich our lives.

MASQ is a system of producing nice encounters.

Once you log in to MASQ, you are in a talk room called "PARTY" with strangers.
Each day, "PARTY" is reloaded with all new faces.
At "PARTY", you cannot see each other's profile. All you can see is the face.

Yes, we are masked socially. The moment we meet, we cannot know the title or profile of other people.
In MASQ, everyone is flat.

Join Us !

MASQ is under development.
The prototype was designed by me.
  From now on, MASQ grows up by everyone who shares our philosophy.

There is a space at the bottom where you can comment freely. Your opinions is needed.

Please speak out !

Who I am


Why did I start MASQ ?

Everyday, so many people pass us by.
But, it's not for me.
I hack into their lives in a twinkling.
What I need is themselves, not their title or social status.
This wonderful experience should be shared for everyone all over the world.

So, MASQ is launched.